23. Currently figuring shit out with my life. Constantly discovering and obsessing over new television (Hence the URL?). Also watch a shit ton of movies. Terrible at photoshop so I'm just a reblog kind of blog.
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The adventure will be yours and mine today. // Do you intend to point a gun at me?

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"Same medical and psychological background.
We are both doctors of note in our field.”

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brb drowning myself in the toilet

But which end of the hotdog are you supposed to look through??


I work in a library and one time a woman came in and she wanted the sequel to the book she had just read, which she didnt know the title, author, or even the name of the sequel. All she had for me was ‘no I just read the blue one, I want the red one now’

I work at the Disney Store and I get asked on a weekly basis where our Nickelodeon section is. 


Fangirl Challenge → [1/10] actresses

↳ Eva Green

"I’ve always been fascinated by obsessive love. It’s great how far you can go for love and also I’ve always been fascinated by unbalanced people so it was very interesting to explore the darkness."